Week 24: Tourism Density Index

This week’s recap about the Tourism Density Index comes to you from Berlin, where I am playing tourist myself and enjoying a few days in the capital.

Week 23: U.K. Gender Pay Gap

The UK recently release data on the gender pay gap at companies across the country. For week 23, the Community created lots of great visualizations to communicate the disparity amongst many companies.

Week 20: Congestion in major European Cities

Andy and I are huge fans of simplicity and this week’s dataset was nice and simple, giving everyone a chance to stick to the basics if they want to and enjoy the nice (Northern Hemisphere) spring weather instead of spending many hours building vizzes. We asked...

Week 19: Toughest Sport by Skill

What is the toughest sport by skill according to American sports experts? Plus lessons about complex metrics and using lines for discrete values.

Week 18: Bee Colony Loss

Bee Colony Loss is a serious topic that impacts all of us and the environment we live in, so we visualized data for the US this week to highlight the problem.

Week 14: World Wine Production

For week 14, we challenged the Makeover Monday community to create data stories from a data set about global wine production

Week 12: UK Pet Population in 2017

For week 12 we asked the community to work with data about the UK’s pet population, comparing different animals and their popularity as pets.

Week 9: World Economic Freedom

#MakeoverMonday Week 9 2018 Recap: World Economic Freedom | This week’s lessons are about highlighting and working with an index.

Week 8: Where does your Medicine come from?

After last week’s Olympic medal focus, this week we shifted gears completely and brought you data about the value of pharmaceutical drug exports by country from 2013-2017.

Week 7: The Winter Olympics

It’s time for the Winter Olympic Games! For week 7, we visualized historical medal winners from Games gone past.

Week 6: Baseball Demographics 1947 – 2016

February is Black History Month and we challenged the Makeover Monday community to join the collaboration with Tableau and other data projects including Storytelling with Data, Viz for Social Good and Data for Democracy to visualize diversity.

Week 2: Looks vs Personality

For this week’s makeover we looked at survey data analysing responses to the question of what is most important for people in a romantic partner.

Week 52: Christmas tree sales in the US

For the last week of the year I chose Christmas data after Andy made me do it. I had initially picked a really cute data set but don’t worry it will come in the new year. So this time we looked at Christmas tree sales in the US. Are you buying real or fake trees?

Week 51: Global Temperature Anomalies

With two weeks to go in the year, Eva and I thought it would be good to give everyone one last chance this year to play with a massive dataset. For week 51, I took 176M record collected by Ken Black via NOAA of global temperature readings, used Alteryx to upload the...

Makeover Monday in 2018

Today Andy and I revealed our plans for the coming year and what we will change and improve about Makeover Monday to continue delivering value for the community and to further grow the project.

Week 50: Barrier Free Singapore

For week 50 we teamed up with Tableau Singapore to bring you a data visualization challenge looking at building accessibility in Singapore.

Week 49: The Cost of a Curry at Wetherspoon

Only a couple more weeks and we’ll be done with Makeover Monday 2017 edition. This year sure has flown by! Eva finally caught me up on the plans for 2018, which we’ll share on December 20. Sign up for the webinar here. If you’re wondering why I chose...

Week 48: The World as 100 People

100 weeks of #MakeoverMonday. We may be going on about it a bit… well, it is a significant milestone and one we’ve truly enjoyed reaching together with all of you, our community of contributors who create vizzes and data stories every week, no matter what...

Week 47: Snapchat is Tops with American Teens

We’re almost there everyone! 47 weeks down, five to go! Keep up the amazing work! This week we tried to get inside the brains of American teens by analysing their favorite social networks over the past three years. The data set contained only 24 records, which...

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Week 46: The World’s Top Cities for Sustainable Public Transport

After last week’s smashing results with endless great vizzes and submissions for Makeover Monday, we have another strong week behind us with many excellent visualizations built on a dataset about sustainable public transport in cities around the world.

Week 45: Life Expectancy at Birth

The Makeover Monday Community never ceases to amaze me! What a week! A really simple data set, yet way over 250 different visualisation. You all inspire us! There’s a lot to cover this week, so let’s get to it.   MAKEOVER MONDAY LIVE! Eva and I ran...

Week 42: Formula E

A week for Formula E and two live Makeover Monday events in Munich an Milan.

Week 41: Obesity in America

What an amazing week for Makeover Monday! The week started with a mere 500 of us together in a room in Vegas at TC17 vizzing about obesity in America. Last year in Austin we had 100 people attend and it was full about an hour before the start. We never could have...

Week 38: A Day at the Races

For week 38 we challenged the community to analyze and visualize our race data, which we produced on Sunday as Andy ran the Richmond Marathon and I competed at the Sprint Triathlon Age Group World Championship in Rotterdam.

A Day at the Races

September 17, 2017 marks a challenging day on our calendar, as both Andy and I competed in our chosen sports. For Andy it was a marathon, for me a sprint distance triathlon. We’re challenging you to create a makeover of our race results. As our sports are quite...

A personal Makeover Monday edition

On Sunday, 17 September 2017, Andy and I will both be racing. Andy is doing the Richmond Marathon in preparation for his A race this autumn in Frankfurt in October. I will be in Rotterdam for this season’s last triathlon, competing at the Age Group Sprint...

Week 36: The UN SDG Action Campaign My World Survey

For week 36, we teamed up with Chloe Tseng and #VizForSocialGood in a collaboration with the United Nations SDG Action campaign to visualize survey results for the MyWorld survey looking at people’s perception on the successful (or not) achievement of sustainable development goals.

Week 32 – India’s broken toilets

As we reflect on another big week of makeovers, there were numerous impactful vizzes that pointed out the issues faced in rural Indian schools where access to functioning toilets is often lacking.

Week 30 – How thirsty is our food?

The topic for this week was ‘How thirsty is your food’ with a dataset about the water footprint of common categories, such as different types of meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, pulses and nuts.

Week 27 – Tourism in Berlin and Brandenburg

Week 27 included two Makeover Monday Live sessions, the EXASOL Xperience conference, and lots of great vizzes! See who the favorites were this week and what lessons we learned.

Recap: Makeover Monday live in Frankfurt

After running Makeover Monday live events in Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and London earlier this year, it was time for us to make an appearance in Germany. Our first stop? Frankfurt!

Week 24 – The Tate Collection

This week we analysed data from the Tate Collection, including metadata about thousands of paintings and drawings

Recap: Makeover Monday live at #ParisTUG

The organisers of the Paris Tableau User Group spoke to us a couple of months ago and invited us to host a #MakeoverMonday live event at one of their meetups. A trip to Paris in late spring to talk to fellow Tableau enthusiasts about data and Makeover Monday? Sounds...

Makeover Monday live in Sydney

As the community continues to grow and the project is picking up momentum among Tableau enthusiasts and dataviz people across the globe, running two live MakeoverMonday meetups in Sydney was a great way to connect with the Australian data visualization community.

Week 17 – Data Skills Are in Huge Demand

For week 17 we teamed up with Tableau to look at LinkedIn’s ranking of the skills that are most in demand. From a selfish perspective for Makeover Monday, it’s pretty amazing to have such close support from Tableau. What’s even better is that Tableau...

Let’s play with some Big A$$ Numbers again

We did it in week 6 and we’re doing it again in week 16: We’re giving you a big dataset to work with so you can flex your analytical muscles, try something different, find an interesting story or literally just throw some really big figures on your dashboard.

Week 13 – The Secret of Success

Week 13 took a look at a Russian survey about the secret of success. Dot plot, bump charts, bar charts, radar charts. This week had it all! Plus seven lessons to take on board.

Week 12 – March Madness

We looked at March Madness data for week 12, highlighting the phenomenon that is US college basketball. Quite a few vizzes showed the passion that exists with people and the strong affiliation they have with their teams and those of us outside of the US got a great lesson about basketball

Week 10 – Top 500 YouTube Gaming Channels

During week 10 we used SocialBlade‘s statistics on the Top 500 YouTube Gaming Channels to improve on their simple table and create vizzes that would convey the information better than the original.

Makeover Monday at Saint Joseph’s University

Read about the Tableau community at Saint Joseph’s University where students are leading the way to teach their peers about data and data visualization through weekly Tableau clinics and #MakeoverMonday sessions

Week 8 – The EU Potato Sector

Everyone loves spuds! In week 8 we looked at the EU Potato Sector. Many authors kept their vizzes nice and simple, while still using the ‘potato theme’ in their colour choices

Week 6 – Inside Chicago’s Taxi Data

A HUGE week for Makeover Monday as everyone got to play with a lot of data. We saw great, creative designs, stunning variations of the black and yellow taxi theme and really cool visualisations using maps and animations.