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102/01/2023LinkThe NOAA Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI)NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
209/01/2023LinkGay Travel IndexSpartacus
316/01/2023LinkInterstate and Cross-Border 2022 Migration PatternsAtlas Van Lines
423/01/2023LinkNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration Automobile RecallsNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration
530/01/2023LinkNYC pizza slicesLiam Quigley | Data
606/02/2023LinkSmall Business Applications and Loan Amounts by Race/EthnicityU.S. Small Business Administration
713/02/2023LinkGlobal Electric Vehicle Market ShareCounterpoint Research
820/02/2023LinkThe Cheapest Ways to Get Your Protein | ChartLifeHacker • Prepared by: Brittany Rosenau
927/02/2023LinkHigh Street Caffeine ContentWhich? • Provided by: Will Sutton
1006/03/2023LinkMeat production in GermanyFederal Statistical Office
1113/03/2023LinkWomen’s college basketball rostersDerek Willis via Sports Data Analysis Visualization class • Data on github
1220/03/2023LinkU.S. Wind TurbinesU.S. Wind Turbine Database | Metadata
1327/03/2023LinkThe Gender Pay Gap in US World Cup BonusesThe Guardian (from US soccer)
1403/04/2023LinkHate Crime in ChicagoChicago Police Department • Collaboration with Zach Bowders
1510/04/2023LinkThe DougScoreThe DougScore • Collaboration with Yamil Medina
1617/04/2023LinkRetirement Ages Around the WorldOECD
1724/04/2023LinkWhich country produces the most tomatoes?FAOSTAT
1801/05/2023Link[How many people earned the Federal minimum wage or less in each State?Bureau of Labor Statistics
1908/05/2023LinkMakeover Monday Metadata AnalysisAlex Taylor-Jackson
2015/05/2023LinkMedia freedom 
2122/05/2023LinkFDA Product RecallsUS Food & Drug Administration
2229/05/2023LinkDog Bites in NYCDog Bites | NYC Open Data Dog Licensing
2305/06/2023LinkMelbourne's Pedestrian Counting SystemCity of Melbourne
2412/06/2023LinkGlobal Cereal ProductionOur World in Data
2519/06/2023LinkDivorces in England & WalesONS
2626/06/2023LinkPressure to Drink in the UKOneYearNoBeer
2703/07/2023LinkOECD Alcohol consumptionOECD
2810/07/2023LinkThe Henley Global Passport IndexHenley & Partners
2917/07/2023LinkClimate Action TrackerClimate Action Tracker
3024/07/2023LinkDaily Sea Ice ExtentNational Snow & Ice Data Center
3131/07/2023LinkDrinking Fountains of MilanComune di Milano
3207/08/2023LinkMaven Family Leave ChallengeMaven Analytics
3314/08/2023LinkEnergy Use per PersonOur World in Data
3421/08/2023LinkDrinking & DatingZoosk
3528/08/2023LinkFood Inflation Rates in the UKOffice for Natonal Statistics
3604/09/2023LinkEmployees at Forbes Cloud 100Data Collected by: Brittany Rosenau
3711/09/2023LinkAverage UK house price for first time buyersONS
3818/09/2023LinkAmerica's Eviction CrisisEviction Lab
3925/09/2023LinkStreet Level Temperatures in NYCNYC Open Data
4002/10/2023LinkScary Dream TrendsGoogle Trends
4109/10/2023LinkWhat are Retail Investors Interested in Buying in 2023?Visual Capitalist
4216/10/2023LinkWatch Me Viz Stats 


104/01/2021LinkThe great bicycle boom of 2020Rails•to•Trails (Chart in spreadsheet)
211/01/2021LinkGender Inequality in HIV Infections in AdolescentsUNICEF
318/01/2021LinkWhat’s Really Warming the World?Data Source: NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
425/01/2021LinkIndian Coal Mine Location and ProductionData Source: Sandeep Pai and Hisham Zerriffi via Harvard Dataverse
501/02/2021LinkRenewables Overtake Fossil Fuels in EuropeEmber
608/02/2021LinkViz5: Perceived Obstacles to Gender EqualityMakeover Monday Week 6 Dataset
715/02/2021LinkWhat’s the point of Valentine’s Day?Statista
822/02/2021LinkProtests Against Limiting Abortion Rights in PolandData Source: Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet | @strajkkobiet • Prepared by Hania Nykowska | @hanykowska
929/02/2021LinkSeats Held by Women in National Parliaments and GovernmentsEurostat
1007/03/2021LinkIOC Hits New Record with 47.7% WomenData Source: International Olympic Committee
1114/03/2021LinkWhat is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop?FAOSTAT
1221/03/2021LinkThe Cereal Industry Had A Very Weird YearBureau of Economic Analysis
1328/03/2021LinkExports to EU plunge by 40% in first month since BrexitONS (UK trade: goods and services publication table 14)£ million, Seasonally Adjusted
1404/04/2021LinkMulticlass Classification of Dry BeansUCI Machine Learning Repository
1511/04/2021LinkFouls Called Game by NBA RefereesThe Unofficial NBA Ref Ball Database Credit: @owenlhjphillips
1619/04/2021LinkUS Air Travel Falls Due to Covid EpidemicData Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
1726/04/2021LinkRegional Price Parity For Each StateU.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
1802/05/2021LinkCEO-to-Worker Compensation RatioEconomic Policy Institute
1909/05/2021LinkWhat Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?Visual Capitalist Suggested by: Danny Bradley | @vizwithdan
2016/05/2021LinkWhat animal could you beat in a fight?YouGov
2123/05/2021LinkHow are wildlife populations changing?Our World in Data Citation: WWF (2020) Living Planet Report 2020 – Bending the curve of biodiversity loss. Almond, R.E.A., Grooten M. and Petersen, T. (Eds). WWF, Gland, Switzerland
2230/05/2021LinkThe Plastic Waste Makers IndexMinderoo
2306/06/2021LinkPercentage of Never Married Adults Is on the RiseU.S. Census
2413/06/2021LinkWhat Schools Create the Most Student Loans in the U.S.?Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System via
2520/06/2021LinkStop & Search Rates by Ethnicity in the
2627/06/2021LinkHow Common is Your Birthday?U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (1994-2003); U.S. Social Security Administration (2004-2014) — via FiveThirthyEight
2704/07/2021Link2020 Electoral Map If Only ____ VotedAP Votecast Exit Polls (which can be viewed on the New York Times) via Dustin Gibson
2811/07/2021LinkUK Vaccine Coverage by Age and EthnicityOpenSAFELY
2918/07/2021LinkMost minority ethnicities have a higher COVID-19 mortality rateInformation is Beautiful via UK Office for National Statistics
3025/07/2021LinkAmerica's Racial Breakdown by StateKaiser Family Foundation, U.S. Census Bureau Suggested by: Rodrigo Calloni | @tableauing
3101/08/2021LinkBike Collisions in London (2005-2019)CycleStreets
3208/08/2021LinkMonthly Mortality Rates in England and WalesONS
3315/08/2021LinkHow's UCAS Clearing Going?WONKHE
3422/08/2021Link"Entry-level" jobs on LinkedIn require 3+ years of experienceLinkedIn
3529/08/2021LinkEstimation of Country-Specific and Global Prevalence of Male CircumcisionReddit Morris, B.J., Wamai, R.G., Henebeng, E.B. et al. Estimation of country-specific and global prevalence of male circumcision. Population Health Metrics 14, 4 (2016).
3605/09/2021LinkWhat do Americans think about abortion?Gallup
3712/09/2021LinkThe 20 Largest Solar Power Plants SolarPower.guideData Source: Wikipedia Suggested By: Sean Miller | @HipsterVizNinja
3819/09/2021LinkDark Web Price Index 2021Data Source: Privacy Affairs Suggested By: Lindsay Betzendahl | @ZenDollData
3926/09/2021LinkMakeover Monday Week 300MLB All-Time Wins Above Replacement ESPN


106/01/2020LinkWhat is America's most popular sport?Gallup
213/01/2020LinkThe USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticidesThe USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticides
320/01/2020LinkIs it time to treat sugar like smoking?The British Nutrition Foundation
427/01/2020LinkBridges to Prosperity WebmapBridges To Prosperity (Global Indicators)
503/02/2020LinkMajority support a black James Bond, but few want a female or gay 007YouGov
610/02/2020LinkNearly a quarter of Americans have never experienced the U.S. in a time of peaceWashington Post
717/02/2020LinkAll the World's Wealth in One VisualCredit Suisse
824/02/2020LinkHousing outcomes for clients of Australian Specialist Homelessness ServicesAIHW Specialist homelessness services annual report 2017–18
902/03/2020LinkCosting Kids SleepCosting Kids Sleep
1009/03/2020LinkViolence Against Women & Girls – perceptions in African, Asian and South American countriesDemographic and Health Survey
1116/03/2020LinkHappiness and Life SatisfactionWorld Bank
1223/03/2020LinkCalifornia University History: Number of Distinct Fields of Study by UniversityUC ClioMetric History Project
1330/03/2020LinkDoes pineapple belong on a pizza?YouGov
1406/04/2020LinkUnpaid work: Allocation of time and time-useUN Stats
1620/04/2020LinkFocus on what you eat, not whether your food is localGHG Emissions by Lifecycle stage
1727/04/2020LinkPump prices over timeDepartment for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
1804/05/2020LinkObstetric Fistula in MadagascarOperation Fistula via
1911/05/2020LinkWorld Happiness Report 2020Gallup World Poll
2018/05/2020LinkVisualizing Auto Insurance Rate by State in 2020Average Cost of Car Insurance (2020)
2125/05/2020LinkVisualising 40 Years of Music Industry SalesRIAA
2201/06/2020LinkSafe Houses: Places of Sanctuary for Girls and Women At Risk of FGMHope for Girls and Women Tanzania
2308/06/2020LinkAnimal-free products consumption in Great BritainStatista
2415/06/2020LinkThe rise of soccerNFHS Participation rates
2522/06/2020LinkAmazon’s tiny profits,
2629/06/2020LinkEconomic EmpowermentWorld Bank
2706/07/2020LinkComparing common mental disorder by sexNHS Digital
2813/07/2020LinkFlipper and Bill Length for Adelie, Chinstrap and Gentoo Penguins at Palmer Station Antarctica LTERStructural size measurements and isotopic signatures
2920/07/2020LinkThe Global Divide on Homosexuality PersistsPew Research
3027/07/2020LinkWomen in PowerWorld Bank
3103/08/2020LinkUK visits abroad: All visits Thousands – SAONS
3210/08/2020LinkBenefits of Remote WorkState of Remote Work 2020
3317/08/2020LinkThe state of the Digital NationCompany Connecting
3424/08/2020LinkSexual and Reproductive Health and RightsGuttmacher Institute’s report: Adding It Up: Investing in Contraception and Maternal and Newborn Health, 2017
3531/08/2020LinkTactics Board: How India can beat
3607/09/2020LinkBreakfast Cereals: Healthy or Unhealthy?Kaggle: 80 Cereals
3714/09/2020LinkSchool workforce in EnglandSchool Workforce Census
3821/09/2020LinkPick up a book and read!Eurostat
3928/09/2020LinkChild MarriageUNICEF global databases, 2020
4005/10/2020LinkThe U.S. Counties With the Highest Economic
4112/10/2020LinkDataIQ – Market Insight – Data assets and data cultureData manually lifted from PDF linked in source article
4219/10/2020LinkHealth spendingOECD Data
4326/10/2020LinkApparel exports to the USOtexa
4402/11/2020Link#Viz5 – The digital gender gapThe Inclusive Internet Index
4509/11/2020LinkDedicated Video Game Sales
4616/11/2020LinkThe Majority of Advertising Dollars are Now Being Spent OnlineGroup M
4723/11/2020LinkWhy America’s debt doesn’t stop growingFederal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (GDP), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Debt)
4830/11/2020LinkThe success of Operation Fistula’s Pilot ProgramOperation Fistula
4907/12/2020LinkDivergent Opinions on Transatlantic AllianceKoerber-Stiftung
5014/12/2020LinkA Statistical Analysis of the Work of Bob RossGitHub
5121/12/2020LinkArsenal’s worst ever Premier League
5228/12/2020LinkGlobal import of cocoa beansCBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports)


131/12/2018LinkNHL AttendanceESPN
207/01/2019LinkPress Freedom’s Dark
314/01/2019LinkHow many people earned the Federal minimum wage or less in each State?Bureau of Labor Statistics
421/01/2019LinkEnergy Use at 10 Downing StreetCarbonCulture
528/01/2019LinkDigital Economy and Society Index (DESI)European Commission
604/02/2019LinkHow Chinese New Year Compares With ThanksgivingBloomberg via Statista
711/02/2019LinkTrump’s “Executive Time”Axios
713/02/2019LinkMakeover Monday live at Cimt AGVDA
818/02/2019LinkWhich States Produce the Most Wind EnergyAmerican Wind Energy Association via Choose Energy
925/02/2019LinkEconomic value of the bicycle industrySQW
1004/03/2019LinkWorld Development Indicators – Health and EqualityOperation Fistula, World Bank
1111/03/2019LinkPhiladelphia Real Estate TransfersOpenDataPhilly
1218/03/2019LinkHow do we really feel about women leaders?The Reykjavik Index for Leadership
1325/03/2019LinkConsumer Spending by GenerationBank of America Merrill Lynch
1401/04/2019LinkThe plastics problem in 7 chartsGreat British Beach Clean Report 2017
1508/04/2019LinkRanking the States by Fiscal ConditionMercatus Center
1615/04/2019LinkThe words in ‘Info We Trust’RJ Andrews (Author)
1722/04/2019LinkSteph Curry’s Stadium Popcorn RankingsStephen Curry
1829/04/2019LinkISS SpacewalksNASA
1906/05/2019LinkMajor League Baseball Most Efficient BattersLahman’s Baseball Database
2013/05/2019LinkRhino Poaching in South Africa 2006-2016Department of Environmental Affairs
2120/05/2019LinkNorth American Bear AttacksWikipedia
2227/05/2019LinkCO2 emissions per capitaWorld Bank
2303/06/2019LinkSleepless in America?American Time Use Survey
2410/06/2019LinkIs it wrong for same-sex couples to have sexual relations?GSS Data Explorer
2517/06/2019LinkBerlin Airbnb RatingsInside Airbnb
2624/06/2019LinkAlcohol Consumption By CountryWorld Atlas
2701/07/2019LinkGame of Thrones DeathsDavid Murphy
2808/07/2019LinkInternational protection in the EU+: 2018 overviewEurostat – Summary Data | Decision Detail Data
2915/07/2019LinkThe share of Americans not having sex has reached a record highGeneral Social Survey
3022/07/2019LinkArsenal FC’s 2018/19 seasonPremier League Stat Center
3129/07/2019LinkSTD Infections Rates in AmericaCDC
3205/08/2019LinkThe power switch: tracking Britain’s record coal-free runGridwatch
3312/08/2019LinkA bird’s-eye view of clinical trialsAero Data Lab
3419/08/2019LinkAmericans touch their smartphones 2,617 times a dayPew Research Center
3526/08/2019LinkPCs to Become the Smallest Gaming Platform in 2018Statista
3602/09/2019LinkFall is favorite season for most AmericansYouGov
3709/09/2019LinkJames Patterson Book Checkouts at Seattle LibrariesSeattle Open Data
3816/09/2019LinkPositive Impact Events – Commitments from the Event Industry for the Sustainable Development GoalsMyWorld2030 Events Survey
3923/09/2019LinkEvictions in San FranciscoDataSF
4030/09/2019LinkLondon Population PredictionsLondon Datastore
4107/10/2019LinkDonations accepted by political partiesThe Electoral Commission
4214/10/2019LinkIronman World Championship MedalistsWikipedia
4321/10/2019LinkThe age at which most people are dying by suicideOffice for National Statistics
4428/10/2019LinkWorld Cities Ranked by Average Annual Sunshine HoursWikipedia
4504/11/2019LinkLas Vegas Convention Attendance & Visitor Traffic: Jan 1970-Oct 2019Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
4611/11/2019LinkYouth and Adult Literacy RatesUNESCO SDG4
4718/11/2019LinkSmartphone Ownership Among Youth Is on the RiseCommon Sense Media
4825/11/2019Link2018 Central Park Squirrel Census Fur MapNYC Open Data
4902/12/2019LinkHow much does union membership benefit America's workers?Bureau of Labor Statistics
5009/12/2019LinkRanked: Biggest Fast Food Chains in AmericaVisual Capitalist
5116/12/2019LinkThe Spurs Have Never Been This Bad At Defense – NBA Defensive RatingsNBA
5223/12/2019LinkEstimated Christmas spending by conceptDeloitte Christmas Survey 2019
5330/12/2019LinkThe Most Popular Makeover Monday


101/01/2018LinkU.S. Per Capita Consumption of Poultry and LivestockNational Chicken Council
208/01/2018LinkAcross the globe, personality is rated as more important than looksYouGov
315/01/2018LinkU.S. Household Income Distribution by StateUS Census Bureau
422/01/2018LinkMovement of Turkey Vultures in North and South
529/01/2018LinkWhat the Most Profitable Companies Make per SecondTitleMax
605/02/2018LinkBaseball Demographics (1947-2016)
712/02/2018LinkThe Winter
819/02/2018LinkWhere Does Your Medicine Come From?TradeMap
926/02/2018LinkWorld Economic FreedomFraser Institute
1005/03/2018LinkInternational Women's DayEqual Measures 2030
1112/03/2018LinkGrowth in Irish Whiskey SalesBoard Bia via The IWSR
1219/03/2018LinkUK Pet Population in 2017Pet Food Manufacturer's Association
1326/03/2018LinkWhat is the UK's Favorite Chocolate Bar?CDA
1402/04/2018LinkWorld Wine ProductionInternational Organisation of Vine and Wine
1509/04/2018LinkArctic Sea Ice ExtentNational Snow & Ice Data Center
1616/04/2018LinkZambia Southern Province Confirmed Malaria CasesSimulated data from
1723/04/2018LinkEcological Footprint per CapitaGlobal Footprint Network
1830/04/2018LinkBee Colony Loss in the United StatesBeeInformed
1907/05/2018LinkToughest Sport by SkillESPN
2014/05/2018LinkWhich European commuters spend the most time in traffic jams?Euronews
2121/05/2018LinkPremier League 2017-18 Review: Our predictions versus cold, hard realityThe Guardian
2228/05/2018LinkThe World's Most Expensive Prime PropertyWeForum
2304/06/2018LinkU.K. Gender Pay GapGOV.UK
2411/06/2018LinkTourism Density IndexIntrepid Travel
2518/06/2018LinkU.S. Influenza Surveillance ReportCDC
2625/06/2018LinkLondon Cycle Hire UsageTransport for London
2702/07/2018LinkRat Sightings in New York CityNYC Open Data
2809/07/2018LinkVolcano eruptionsGlobal Volcanism Program
2916/07/2018LinkHistorical NBA Team Spending Against the CapCeltsHub
3023/07/2018LinkOECD Parental Leave SystemOECD
3130/07/2018LinkBig Mac IndexThe Economist
3206/08/2018LinkHow Much Your Country Spends on Research & DevelopmentUNESCO Institute for Statistics
3313/08/2018LinkAnthony Bourdain’s Travels@ChristineZhang
3420/08/2018LinkACLED: Visualizing ConflictACLED
3527/08/2018LinkWhich body parts are we attaching computers to?Figure Eight
3603/09/2018LinkNike Factory LocationsNike Inc.
3710/09/2018LinkPaying the PresidentProPublica
3817/09/2018LinkTrain versus Plane: How much does traveling really cost?DW Data
3924/09/2018LinkVisualizing EqualityEM2030
4108/10/2018LinkFive Year Cancer Survival Rates in AmericaOur World in Data
4215/10/2018LinkTotal Number of Women the House of Representatives: 1917-2018Congressional Research Service Original Viz: Tableau Public
4322/10/2018LinkWhat will a beer cost you at every Major League Baseball stadium?Team Marketing Report
4429/10/2018LinkEverybody poopsYouGov
4505/11/2018LinkUS Population Projections by Age Group, 2016-2060United States Census Bureau
4508/11/2018LinkDC Metro ScorecardWashington DC Metro
4612/11/2018LinkDiversity in TechCompany and Press Reports
4719/11/2018LinkHow Many Hours Americans Need to Work to Pay Their
4826/11/2018LinkThe cost of a night outUBS
4903/12/2018LinkWomen Constructors in the Shortz EraXWord Info
5010/12/2018LinkLand use by food type (Figure I.13)Our World in Data
5117/12/2018LinkLondon Bus Safety PerformanceTFL (January 2015 – June 2018)
5224/12/2018LinkAverage spending on Christmas gifts in the U.S. 1999-2018Statista